Company history:

Dedicated to the application of biocatalysis ChiralVision was founded in 2006, privately funded with headquarters now in the Delft area situated between the major towns of Rotterdam and Den Hague, The Netherlands

Some "historic" highlights:

2006 - Founding of ChiralVision in Leiden, the Netherlands

2006 - Introduction of first Immozymes and chiral products

2006 - 1st patented custom API process

2007 - Collaboration with Genencor International

2008 - Products available via Sigma-Aldrich

2008 - 1st Immozyme in API production process

2009 - Over 100 immobilized enzyme products

2010 - Over 60 unique chiral compounds in portfolio

2010 - Food & Nutrition Delta funding for "healthy fats"

2012 - EU funding for clean water research (Endetech)

2013 - EU project for phosphate recycling (Phosfarm)

2015 - Collaboration with Nordic Chemquest (now SpinChem) for SpinChem reactor development

2016 - Eurostars funding for biocide replacement (Bio-Attract).

2016 - ERA-IB (Industrial Biotechnology) project “No P” for enzymatic sugar coupling reactions.

2019 - Move into new and larger facilities in Den Hoorn, the Netherlands

2019 - MACBETH project: Membranes And Catalysts Beyond Economic and Technological Hurdles. Budget: 20,7 M€

see the news page for recent developments

Business model:

ChiralVision develops biocatalysis based technologies and solutions. We can help you to develop new and proprietary solutions in various markets, or take your existing technology and develop a scalable process.

We are a supplier of off-shelf (immobilized) enzymes, enzyme carriers, chiral molecules, custom products, technology subcontractor or collaborator in a joint development effort.

To discuss your interest please email or phone us:


Tel: +31 085 068 5558


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