Technology for pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceuticals help people throughout the world live longer, healthier lives. As advances in medical care help more and more people, the need for new medicines to keep people healthy continues to grow.

ChiralVision is a company committed to support pharmaceutical companies developing and producing medicines by providing chiral process development and immobilized enzymes.

Our products and services help pharma to secure efficient production of current and new medicines in development. Focusing on a broad range of technical needs ChiralVision invests significant resources annually in the research and development of new products applicable to all thinkable areas.

Proprietary production of APIs

ChiralVision is the specialist in route development comprising enzymatic conversions [chiral resolution, enantioselective synthesis and regio/chemoselective conversions]. We have an extended experience in process development and scale-up of enzymatically prepared chiral active pharmaceutical ingredients (API). We can help you to develop new and proprietary routes to generic APIs.

Relying on the strength of our knowledge base and scientific talent, ChiralVision has generated a steady stream of breakthroughs over the years resulting in many new patented API production methods.

Chiral APIs and Generics:

A study based on 135 chiral centers in 69 chiral drug syntheses showed the most important sources of chirality are chiral pool (55%) and classical resolution (28%). Larger scale processes tend to move to chemo and / or biocatalytic methods, for reasons of cost effectiveness.

Enzymes for industrial use are applied in detergents and animal feed, in the production of bread, wine and fruit juice, and also in the treatment of textiles and leather. Enzymes can replace traditional chemicals or additives and help to save water and energy in a variety of production processes. Enzymes are found in all living organisms - for API production always non-human and non-animal bacterial or plant enzymes are used.